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About Us
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 Tech Plus Systems is an Information Technology company founded in 1990 with its primary focus on software development, network integration and computer services. As a company, we are differentiated by our commitment to Open System standards, our knowledge of Client/Server networks and our ability to integrate these networks. 


The vision is as clear today as it was in 1990. Tech Plus Systems continues to take action to ensure that this vision will never dim. We believe that a deep understanding of systems design and development and the support services, which enhance the software solutions, is a pre-requisite to being able to assist our clients. As a result, we have made an early commitment to client/server systems development and related software design and support. Our strategy is to focus on Open System compatibility standards and to develop software applications supported by these standards. Our goal is to have a long-term impact by assisting our clients develop and implement effective information technology solutions. With a wide range of technical expertise in both midrange and server based processing, we are able to provide our clients with complete IT solutions.


Tech Plus Systems is committed to building lasting relationships with our clients through a combination of technical expertise and superior support services. Computer systems, client/server software, design automation, networking, technology distribution, computer services, telecommunications and the Internet are segments in which Tech Plus Systems has established client services. Our technology knowledge and experience allow us to deliver a level of service and expertise that is both appropriate and cost-effective.

 Telephone (212) 929-3919 Fax (212) 929-5370
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