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Tech Plus Systems, Inc. is a group of highly trained and skilled engineers providing full services of Information Technology and Business Infrastructure to businesses who wish to take matters of IT out of their hands.

When a group of dedicated and reliable professionals gather to provide you services, you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality of service. At TechPlus, we focus on making and retaining customer relationships by providing them affordable mobile, desktop and network solutions that are designed for their unique needs.

With TechPlus - get back to running your business - not your IT department.

We are an IT leading firm that specializes in:


What sets us apart from our competitors is our depth of experience in database development and software application across multiple industries, while understanding the true nature of Information Technology.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality solutions, services and support to our clients and create long-term relationships. Our customers choose and stay with us because we do not provide them solutions that force them to use “boxed processes”. Instead, we focus on their goals and needs, and provide them customized, out-of-the box solutions that work specifically for them.

Software Engineering

Custom Software & App Development

Are you thinking about having custom software built for your company? Go for it! You can find the best software engineering services at TechPlus. Every business is unique in its own way and makes use of different architectures, or a combination of them, to meet the specific needs of their business.

Client/Server Software

At TechPlus, we are invested in helping our clients make the most of the Client/Server technology, and create applications that are focused on the specific environment that they are working on. Legacy, high tech , or a combination of both architectures, you name it! We will be ready to create and deploy custom software for you.

Web Applications

The best way to cater to the needs of your customers is to provide them a platform where they can easily interact with you and buy your services or learn about them in a hassle free manner. Web Applications act as an engaging and interactive platform, and if designed properly, act as a platform to convert customers and make it easy for them to shop your products and/ or services.

iPhone/iPad, Android, Win Apps

In this age of smartphones, the demand for handy mobile applications to streamline business processes is increasing. At TechPlus, we have set together a Mobile Application development team that has been delivering high end solutions to the clients, with applications that run smoothly on their mobile interface.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT

Get the latest technology and IT solutions with the Managed IT services of TechPlus, without the huge cost of setting it up internally!

The IT department is one of the departments in a business that may not be its core business, but it is certainly vital for the company to run its daily proceedings. Many organizations, especially small businesses, are buried in a break-fix approach. They either hire a small IT staff or part-time technicians to take care of their IT needs, and end up with huge problems that the staff or technicians cannot take care of. This is most irritating at a time when you are burdened with problems relating to your core business. Since misery loves company, it is most likely that the IT problems that have been festering for a long time will surface at last once you have more than enough on your plate already.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data backup and continuity is important for a business in order to protect against any natural or man-made damage.

Data is the most important asset of any business. To safeguard it, you need to have an efficient Disaster Recovery Plan in place. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Therefore, it is an erroneous decision not to save your data from any natural or man-made disaster that might occur in the future. Trying to save your money by not spending it on Disaster Recovery planning is like stopping the clocks to save time.

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