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Unless you are updated with the recent trends, businesses tend to lag behind their competition. Mobile applications for your business help you stay ahead of your competition!

In this age of smartphones, the demand for handy mobile applications to streamline business processes is increasing. At TechPlus, we have set together a Mobile Application development team that has been delivering high end solutions to the clients, with applications that run smoothly on their mobile interface.

You use Android? We can create amazing apps on Java. You want apps on iOS? Our team knows C and Swift like the back of their hands. Windows? No problem at all!

The mobile applications that we build are practical and sleek, so that you get apps with both design and functionality. In the application building process, we keep you updated through every stage of the development. This ensures that we are on the same page and the product delivered to you is exactly what you needed in the first place. TechPlus also helps you with the submission of your app to the Apple & Google Play stores.

We deliver what you need, in the best quality possible!

Our team is detail-oriented, and puts a great focus on matching the client's needs with the user experience of the application. The result of this careful development is the perfect mobile app that you would be happy to have!

No matter what type of mobile application you want, on whichever platform you want, we can take on the challenge and deliver it to you.

How Can Mobile Applications Help Your Business Processes?

With a native mobile app, specific to the platform that you need, the user experience of your customers increase, and your reliability increases with it. Our team has successfully delivered apps tailored to the needs of the client, some of which have been created for specific Samsung and Apple devices.

Mobile applications improve your visibility, customer engagement and customer loyalty, and help you build your brand image and stand out from the competition.

The sleeker and more engaging your mobile application, the more chances you have of connecting with your customer base.

Mobile Applications with TechPlus

The introduction and popularity is both a boon and a bane. While you get the opportunity to remain on the top-of-mind of your customers with your mobile app, there is also the problem of development. A huge number of platforms and devices are being introduced every day and an app development team needs to have the required skills and expertise to work on specific mobile projects.

At TechPlus, our mobile development team is constantly engaged in learning, which helps them tackle any project with confidence. The process focuses on the goals of the business, needs of the business itself, and the needs of their customers.

The Mobile Application that we deliver is not just a few lines of code.

A huge amount of thought, planning, nail-biting, all-nighters and do-overs go into the development of a mobile application. We make sure that the product delivered to you provides a spectacular user experience. With the right app, you will be in tune with the needs of your customers, and the increased engagement will help you market your products and/ or services to a larger customer base.

What You Get :

TechPlus assures you these deliverables:

  • A Tailored Mobile Application for Your Business

  • Data Security

  • Integration with Other Software

  • Provision of Maintenance – for as long as you need!

  • Saving Money on Licensing Fees

  • Scalability


A custom solution means that the price would not be the same for every application. After all, it is not fair to ask an amount that does not justify the time and work taken for the development of the application. Depending on the complexity of the app, the platform, the design you want, and many other factors, the pricing can be anywhere between $1,000 and $50k+.

Our app development process involves constant communication. This means that you will have the option to choose or not to choose a costly option in the process, and the transparency will allow you to see for yourself that the cost matches the needs of the development and service provided.

Give us a call and we can discuss your business needs face-to-face!

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