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Every business is unique in its own way and makes use of different architectures, or a combination of them, to meet the specific needs of their business.

This is where we come to help.

At TechPlus, we are invested in helping our clients make the most of the Client/Server technology, and create applications that are focused on the specific environment that they are working on. Legacy, high tech , or a combination of both architectures, you name it! We will be ready to create and deploy custom software for you.

Our target is not a successful development of an application—our target is the successful implementation of an application.

This means that we will not leave you to figure out the usage on your own, and leave potential problems for you to handle. We make it our responsibility to teach your employees to use the software flawlessly.

With the custom software in place, you can enjoy the benefits of exploring the different ways to grow and expand, which would not have been easily possible otherwise.

How Can Client/ Server Software Help Your Business Processes?


Many business owners do not realize that they are working with "boxed processes" which give rise to inefficiencies such as high operating costs or wastage of the resource of time, and that these problems can be fixed! They simply continue using the software, unaware that they can save a bulk of their resources by fixing this problem.


Custom software that is developed taking into account the needs of your business, specifically, can help make drastic improvements in your business processes.

With custom software, you can:

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Identify areas where productivity can be increased

  • Standardize your business practices

  • Streamline daily operations

  • Streamline daily operations

  • …and much more!

TechPlus has teams for both design and development to ensure your software is successfully delivered. Each position, whether it is a project manager, a business analyst, software developer and support, system integrator or architect, plays a dedicated role in the development and successful implementation of your system.

We take the working of your business into account before designing the software.

We begin with a thorough analysis of your company goals, and discuss the various methods that can help improve your business processes.

After we understand the aims and objectives of your business, we lay out the specifications and technical details, and throughout the development process, we make sure that we do not lose sight of your business goals.

What You get :

With TechPlus, you can expect these deliverables:

  • Custom-made Software for Your Business

  • Data Security

  • Scalability

  • Maintenance – for as long as you need!

  • Integration with Other Software

  • Saving Money on Licensing Fees


You want the best value for your money? You have come to the right place!

It is impossible to put a definitive price tag to innovation and creativity. This is why the cost per hour pricing model is such a terrible idea. It does not take into account other factors of complexity, originality or the amount of work it takes to mold a certain application so that it is made just for you.

If time was the correct pricing factor, then hiring any Bill or Joe would be the right choice, no? Well, no.

Your business is important, and we take it seriously. At TechPlus, you can rest assured that you will be charged only for the services that you are hiring—specialists who are armed with the experience and skill to make your business more flexible, robust, efficient, and profitable.

Give us a call and we can discuss your business needs face-to-face!

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