Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data backup and continuity is important for a business in order to protect against any natural or man-made damage.

Data is the most important asset of any business. To safeguard it, you need to have an efficient Disaster Recovery Plan in place. According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Therefore, it is an erroneous decision not to save your data from any natural or man-made disaster that might occur in the future. Trying to save your money by not spending it on Disaster Recovery planning is like stopping the clocks to save time.

Planning to deal with a disaster is better than being crippled when it strikes.

TechPlus has been working with many clients to set up a custom Disaster Recovery plan, developing plans ranging from basic procedures and data backup to a full replacement office. Depending on your needs, we provide you the solutions that you need, in the budget that you specify.

An important thing to note here is that disaster recovery does not equal Disaster Recovery. The former is only a subset of the latter. A Disaster Recovery plan includes all the details of protecting the data and creating the means to be able to recover it in the event of a disaster.

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What You Get :

In order to make sure that you do not lose your precious data to any natural disaster or one caused by human error, we take appropriate measures to keep it safe. We are thorough with our work and do not take any shortcuts in our data backup and Disaster Recovery projects.

We help you secure the future of your business.

There are many services that we provide in data backup and Disaster Recovery. Here is what you can expect from TechPlus:

  • Data Backup & Recovery: We automate and maintain your data backups so that you always have your data in a protected which you can access any time that you need

  • Disaster Recovery Planning: We give you the peace of mind that you need with a customized disaster recovery plan for your business

  • High Availability Planning: Depending on the nature of your business, you will need different plans to implement High Availability. You can choose Hot-Hot (recovery time a few seconds), Hot-Warm (recovery time a few minutes) or Hot-Cold (recovery time a few hours)

  • Online Servers in our Data Center: We can provide you the access (with security to prevent unauthorized users from getting access) to virtual servers where your data will be available 24/7

  • Secure Offsite Data Backup: We can have your data in an off-site location, secured and backed for you to access whenever you need it


TechPlus creates custom solutions for businesses by taking into account their specific needs. In the designing of the solution, we keep you in the loop and you have the power to give the green or red light to any costly options that may be included in the process.

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